TalkAbout Jazz from western Colorado

Background: In the late 1990's The Colorado Department of Human Services choose to outsource to India the development of new "management software" to manage the delivery of services to the citizens of Colorado.

Hi Jim
I am interested in your thoughts on the model sent to us by Ron. Hope all is well.

Hi Joe,

It's a big mistake to confuse issues. As William of Occam said, "Essences are not to be multiplied beyond necessity."

The purpose of Government Agencies spending on software development, or anything else, is to get value and something that works. It does not matter where the contract goes. It could go to a minority firm, or one within the state, or within the USA, and still end up partially or totally outsourced outside of the area or prime contractor's location. That is hard to control. If the project is important, the best resource should be used.

On the other hand, if government spending, for any agency, is welfare, then recognize it as such, and forget about what the agency gets in return. But, in my opinion, software developers are not my ideal clients for welfare.

So, I think it's stupid (it happened recently in Indiana) to tie the two efforts together.