TalkAbout Jazz from western Colorado

Background: In the late 1990's The Colorado Department of Human Services choose to outsource to India the development of new "management software" to manage the delivery of services to the citizens of Colorado.

Good Morning Jim,

With note and homage to the wisdom of William of Occam, some questions do arise;

  • Does not the spending habits of taxing entities, whose funding comes from a citizen paid tax base fall within the realm of “necessity”?
  • How should that elusive quality “value” be measured? Does “to get value” equate with lowest price, if other factors are equivalent? Should “the best resource” be determined by the lowest priced for governmental institutions, if other factor are constant? Should not these institutions return some allegiance to their citizenry?
  • A rather basic question arises from the “of value” criteria, i.e. “of value” to whom; the director of the entity, the current administration or the citizens for whom they work? Isn’t the answer to this question one of the fundamental challenges facing democracies heavily vested with bureaucratic institutions?